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The first Child-Friendly "Silicon Lunchabout”

In partnership with Hub Dot and 3 Beards, Mums in Technology ran the first Child-Friendly "Silicon Lunchabout” to mark International Women’s Day. The event hosted 100 women accompanied by their children for a day of networking, and intro workshops to coding, UX, branding, social media and more.

The conference aims to raise awareness for and highlight the issues surrounding women in tech, including the need for more women in the industry, the gender pay gap and the limited number of women representation on boards or at executive level and ultimately inspire women (especially Mums that have left the workforce) to embrace tech and entrepreneurship.  

ThoughtWorks, as a gold sponsor, was proud to help bring together women from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and inspire each other with their journeys. Silicon Valley Bank was also a sponsor of the event.