Mums in Tech are absolutely amazing. The people I’ve met are among the kindest I’ve met in a long time. They have this amazing ability to help you, uplift you and encourage you to improve. In fact, what I’ve taken from the experience hasn’t been so much about ‘coding in HTML’ but more about being supported by other women and knowing that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and having a baby can open doors and not necessarily close them.
— Tinu Alikor, Alumni and BabyPoint Founder

Really meaningful to join a network and be a part of the community. Feels amazing to use your brain again in a new way.
— Jasmin

We felt so inspired from the teaching that we decided to go ahead and actually make the websites we have had in the back of our minds.
— Investec Cohort Teachers

I’ve definitely found myself using what I learnt at MiT... I’ve done a few AR / App budgets alongside the rest of the content, so it’s come in useful there talking to the programmers.
— Emma I.

It was very valuable in terms of proving my first real bridge between being a new mum and coding, especially the crèche. Without the course I may not have found the confidence to go for Makers Academy.
— Sara V.

Sian's Journey

Follow Sian's entire coding journey here.

It’s given the second half of my maternity leave incredible focus. It’s made me view everything going on in the world in a different way and think about going back to work in a really new way.
— Anonymous

It’s quite striking to meet a CEO who wants to know about you before introducing her company. Asking questions and listening first seems to be Kate’s approach and a core value at Vinaya.
— Liz L.

I was so excited to have the chance to visit such a big and well established name in luxury holidays as Mr & Mrs Smith.
— Marina D.

Virtual Reality was a totally foreign concept until I visited The Mill with Mums in Tech.
— Virginia D.