Hi, I'm June. 

I am a Mum of 2 and Founder of Mums in Tech, which I created while on maternity leave from my job as a Tech Banker. For some time now, I have had an idea for an app I wanted to build and never quite had the courage. On my second maternity leave, I decided I would put aside my fears and go for it! So I contacted developers and found that they really weren’t as cheap as I imagined. This made me think, why not learn to code! So I took up online courses with leading online coding schools but that still wasn’t enough. I really wanted to work alongside other people in the same situation – great idea but no technical skills or minimal.

I reached out to several very lovely people who have helped to make this dream a reality. We welcome Mums and Dads who have an idea or would like to learn the technical skills needed to get your business going in this fast paced world of technology we live in.

My dream for the programme is for it to be collaborative and for all involved to give back to the group any skills you have and really help Accelerate each other. I really look forward to getting to know you all and learning alongside you.