Partner with us to improve gender diversity at your firm

Gender equality in technology is an issue present in all levels in the corporate hierarchy. Not only are firms who are slow to change facing negative press, but gender diversity impacts the profitability, growth and future  of many firms. There are a number of great initiatives for the tech leaders of tomorrow, but what about today?

We offer a range of proven services and methodologies to help you get to the forefront of gender diversity today, including:



Our consultancy services are as unique as your firm. Starting with an organisational audit, we analyse your gender diversity statistics to develop a tailored plan for your Diversity and Inclusion team to implement for change, today. Other services include advice on managing return to work and the development of returners programmes.



Sponsor events that make a difference. We are happy to discuss our custom sponsorship packages to allow your firm to show their dedication to female staff, as well as women return from short and long-term career breaks.

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Custom courses and masterclasses

Training is our forte. We offer a range of custom courses: from the tech heavy to soft and interpersonal skill development