Happity is Hiring!


Mums in Tech Alumni Sara Tateno is hiring a Data Manager for her startup Happity!

Flexible Work From Home Opportunity - Data Manager (10-20 hours / week)

Would you like to join our dynamic team of parents who work together in remote and flexible roles? Our company is called ‘Happity’ - a modern web platform for finding local baby and toddler classes. Our mission is to help make life easier in those early days of parenthood, and to prove flexible working works whilst we’re at it. Just because we love being parents, doesn’t mean it’s all we want to be.

You will be working directly with the founder of Happity, and ideally, you’re someone who has the potential to grow with the role as the business expands. You’re interested in being part of the early stages of our startup journey and you want to make a positive difference in the world. This role requires an average of 15 hours per week, with flexibility to vary hours depending on work requirements and life.

You will primarily be responsible for:-

  • assessing new listings submitted to the platform

  • researching and entering accurate information

  • editing and actively managing our data to ensure high quality information

Additional opportunities include:-

  • owning the overall process - from lead generation to completed listings

  • providing feedback to improve the design of the system itself

  • playing a role in recruiting and managing others as the team expands

You’ll need to be proactive, a really strong communicator and not afraid to get stuck in! We’re a friendly and diverse bunch looking for good people who share our values.

Start: 10 April 2017

Commitment: 6 month contract with potential to extend into a continuing post

Pay: £8-12 per hour, depending on candidate.

Skills and knowledge required:-

  • Attention to detail

  • Able to assess and summarise information effectively

  • Excellent communication and good written English

  • Comfortable using spreadsheets

  • Familiar with the market for baby and toddler classes

To apply, please email jobs@happity.co.uk with your CV (or a LinkedIn profile) and a short covering email (max 500 words).

Closing date: 27 March 2017


  1. We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome people from all genders, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply.

  2. You must have the right to work in the UK

  3. As this is a remote role, you will need access to a laptop / PC with a high speed internet connection and be able to check in with the team on a Tuesday morning. The rest of your hours can be worked across the week largely as you choose.

Find out more about us here:



If you’re not applying but know someone who would be great for this job - please share!

Job Ref: 2001MIT

Cubetto meets the #mumsintech kids

Last week we had a new addition to our household and here's a few reasons I'm excited!

Getting the kids to play together is usually tricky

My son is 4 and a half and my daughter is about to turn 2, so finding an activity that can keep them both engaged can be a bit tricky. However, when my son opened up Cubetto, he was full of questions - "What does it do?", "Does it talk?" My daughter was also very intrigued and stayed close by to observe the setting up process.

The kids getting to know their new friend, Cubetto!

The kids getting to know their new friend, Cubetto!

It's quite intuitive

With most technological toys, I often worry as a parent that because we are so busy we don't get the full use of a lot of devices. I never usually have the time to read a manual. I loved that I didn't really need to explain too much to the kids because the colours and the patterns drew their attention.

Ivy enjoying the cubetto story

Ivy enjoying the cubetto story

You can combine learning about logic and coding with the spirit of imagination!

Encouraging creativity and free play is very important to me as I want my kids to learn to think outside the box. I asked them where they would like Cubetto to go and they said, "To visit the dolls' house". I thought that this was very interesting that they were not confining their play to the mat and were in fact going to set Cubetto off on various journeys of their own. 

It's also extremely wonderful to see my daughter well and truly embarking on her "First steps to coding". 

Taking turns to send Cubetto off!

Taking turns to send Cubetto off!

We are very excited to be backing the #CodingGirls campaign and can't wait to see the different ways cubetto will be experienced by both girls and boys on the Mums in Tech courses as well as their parents. Who knows, Cubetto might be sent on a mission round one of our corporate partners' offices. Watch this space!