From Digital Marketing to Coding - Meet Silvia

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Silvia Del Corso

Mums in Tech Alum and Founder of PinkSEO Marketing

I was walking down the crowded hall at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in London when I saw the desk of Mums in technology, organising tech courses for mums and coding lessons for beginners.

I'm a Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation Freelancer and, as much as I love planning and executing campaigns and optimising web pages to Google's requirements, I always found coding scary. I used to have my developers fixing the code for SEO in the projects I was following, but so many times I didn't apply to digital marketing roles which listed, amongst their requirements, "Knowledge of HTML and CSS".

That day I went to Mums Enterprise, thinking about my working future, being a mother of two children who recently expatriated and needed my presence seriously, which reduced the possible choices in Digital Marketing and SEO, where 99% of jobs are in Agencies, from 9 to 5.

I'd been freelancing in Italy for 6 years before moving, in July 2016. I knew it was a very good solution for a mum, but our own family digital agency had just collapsed under the weight of unpaid bills, inefficient justice system and unfair taxation. Under the weight of it, also a bit of our emotional balance and a load of dreams crushed.

Starting to freelance again seemed scary, but that day, at Mums Enterprise, I felt tempted again. Mums in tech's desk made me think that maybe also HTML and CSS weren't impossible to grasp for me. So, in that very same day I “felt” the name how I wanted to rebrand my Business (PinkSEO, because I wanted to express that Search Engine Optimisation is something for women as good as for men, if not better, even if it's a male-dominated industry) and I tried my luck, giving my details in the hope to be selected as the lucky winner for a place in the next cohort.

Just imagine the happiness when June informed me that I had won. Within a few hours I received my first email from the adorable Yael, with all the information about the course.

The place the lessons were held in, Huckletree West, was also too amazing to be true. It's a young, colourful, creative co-working space, in which every Tuesday we felt so comfortable and relaxed, yet so inspired and focused, as we learnt HTML, CSS, Project Management, Agile, UX, thinking and developing our own projects.

My cohort just finished and I miss it already. We have created sweet bounds of friendship between course-mates which I hope that will last over the time. We also had precious networking opportunities, for which I won't ever thank June enough.

I managed to launch my site at the advertised deadline (Halloween), even if it costed me sleepless nights not to delay, while doing my MiT homework & project, managing my family needs and building PinkSEO.Marketing's site and social networks. I'm currently managing SEO, email marketing and social media management activities for freelancers and small businesses. I'm also having talks at events on different topics about Digital Marketing, since I discovered I enjoy them much. I found out that people love to be taught the basics of digital marketing, so that they can choose whether to do some of those activities themselves or to hire somebody do it for them, if they don't have time enough, but knowing at least what it is about. So I'm spending several hours training and coaching freelancers and business owners, as well as helping them hands-on with their projects. Being empowered to choose whether to do activities on their own or to ask someone for helping them, gives them the precious sense of independence and the power of deciding what to do with their own business in such as vital field as digital marketing and SEO are for businesses which have an online presence

I spend my days now networking, which I truly love, writing articles about Digital Marketing, improving my clients websites, letting them reach clients they would have never bee able to meet otherwise, showing their unique selling proposition on the web in the most engaging ways, winning their competitors in Google's ranking and getting a lot of business through conversion and traffic.

I was asked to provide digital marketing courses in a hybrid form (video-lesson+ interactive Skype call to ask me questions & to understand how to use the knowledge in each business). From 2018 I will open the first modules, according to the pre-bookings I receive: people are starting to register their interest now. I welcome cooperation and hands-on projects as much as training/advisory opportunities for next year. 

My deepest thanks to Mums in technology: all I've learnt is very useful and precious in my job!