June Talks to Virginia Dooley - The Mums in Tech Exclusive Interview

Virginia Dooley is a visionary, problem solver, serial entrepreneur, developer as well as Mum to two adorable boys. Virginia moved to the UK with her family from New York with her sights set on getting stuck into the tech world. She took a course with Mums in Tech and hasn't looked back since.

I spoke to her to find out what she's been up to on Indiegogo!

What's been the highlight of crowdfunding for The Rise?

Exceeding our 48 hour funding goal and trending on Indiegogo. That blew me away. I was hopeful and positive from the moment we launched, but still terrified. In that moment, we all felt really loved and supported.

How did it fit in with Motherhood? Tell us your hacks!


Virginia Dooley - Founder, The Rise

Ask for help! I'm the first to admit that I can't juggle mom and boss 100% of the time. For the days/weeks I knew I would be super busy and stressed, I made sure there was something special planned for the kids. I made sure that I spent at least one afternoon with each of them solo and then worked after bedtime.

How have you managed it working with a remote team?

It's not been easy - things that would have taken 5 minutes if we had been in the same room together usually took 3x as long to resolve. However, it was useful to have several time zones covered between us and I imagine that it will be useful going forward as well as we aim to design an awesome customer experience.

How are the artisans feeling and how have you kept them updated?

We've made two artisan visits this month to Guatemala and Morocco. They are excited and love the challenge that our collection presents. We are trying to push design boundaries in the artisan sector and they are totally up for it. It's been amazing to get to know them each on a personal level; I can't wait to build that force of connection with our customers.

You've got 4 days to go! What message would you like to give to people hearing about The Rise for the first time?

We have some great deals, lifetime discounts and a contest on our Indiegogo campaign so don't wait!